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    Raw Access Log Analyzers - Recommendations?
    I need to get a raw access log analyzer and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for what they think is the best one. I looked at Weblog Expert and kind of like that one, but would like to hear about what others use and way.

    Oh, and free is always good, but inexpensive is ok too. :-)
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    I've been using Weblog Expert for many years no and it does a great job for me, and indeed for a number of colleagues. The ability to generate reports as HTML, PDF or CSV a just one of many useful features.

    Analog is one of the more popular free analyzers.

    I have a number of analyzers listed over at dWoz - - you should be able to find something to suit there.

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    123 Log Analyzer Software
    I've been using 123LogAnalyzer for years. I use it daily for analyzing the raw web site logs. Cost is reasonable, reporting is good, and speed is great. Nothing else to install or download other than the analyzer itself... it that takes a minute or two to download and install.

    You can visit the 123LogAnalyzer dot com website for a 30 day trial. Cost is reasonable in my opinion.


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    I have all my own scripts hacked with perl/grep/awk/sed/sort/uniq/... Wish I could help.

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    If you have AWSATS the rawlog plugin is nice. I have mine set up to do real time checks so that I can go in and see what's happening at any given moment. It's easy to get by adding a couple of lines to the config file.

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