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    Have any of you seen this before? They claim if you use their service that they can tell you your competitors marketing keywords at adwords and overture, etc., all for only 89.99 per month.

    I used the free trial and searched on of my domains. It gave me a list of keywords, but none of them are keywords I pay for! *LOL* Not a single one.

    Now THAT is a heck of a deal for only 89.99 per month...

    www keywordspy com
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    January 18th, 2005
    All I know is I sure seen their IP address in my server logs... so I must be doing something right if someone is paying money to spy on me

    Some quick code though and now their they can't spider my site anymore.

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    How would that work from a programming point of view? I mean if someone can program it, can't we all just add little bits of code to a website and get competitors keywords ourselves?

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    Not too stray too off topic here, but...

    How beneficial ARE keywords anymore?

    For example, I use Google Analytics to tell me what search terms people are using to get to my site and from that I get a list of keywords. But if people are already coming to my website using those keywords, and I'm using other keywords in my metatags (other than the ones google has told me people use) , why do I need to change my keywords at all?

    I'm thinking, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    Is my thinking wrong here?

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