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    Pop Ups From Another Site?
    Recently I did a search in Google with one of my site names just to see what showed up. I clicked on some of the sites that had my url listed in the Google description. On some, there was no visible link to my site. On a few, there were links, but when you clicked on it, my site appeared for a few seconds then the screen was taken over by pop-up hell. I assume it is generated by the site that linked to me since I don't have any pop-ups on my site. Is there a way to keep this from happening?


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    Let me see if I understand you correctly.

    -You see a page with your site's link.
    -You click, BAAM, it loads your site.
    -2 seconds later, Pops ups and/or they load a different page and move you away from your website.

    The link for your website resides on the person's webserver. I can think of a few ways they can do have pop-ups.
    1) They frame your site. Once your site loads, they have a timer to pop-up banners/ads after x seconds based on the code in the frame. Based on that code in the frame, they can load a a different page as opposed to a pop-up. How do you know if they are framing your site, look at the URL. It is going to show their URL as opposed to yours.

    2) Delayed or sequential page loading. You click on the link, your page loads but it will load a pop-up / banner based on your trigerred action (click) after that.

    One thing that you can do if they are framing your site.
    Look for scripts that will break out from the frame.

    I am sure that Scott-Snib or Mike-HardwareGeek should have better suggestions...

    All the best

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    Eric, you described it correctly. I do have the break-out-of-frames code, which it will do, but within seconds a full-screen series of pop-ups cover it (also pop-unders).

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    So...can anyone who has your RSS feed on their site, set things up to blast people clicking through to your site with popups/unders?

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