Hello to the Shareasale staff. Is it possible that in the future you or your merchants can offer a co-brand option, maybe downloadable complete website templates or some type of private label option?

I was searching through the whole shareasale database and not one merchant offer these options. If they do, you have to sign up directly with them. By the way, I am not talking about "Make A Page."

Example, lets say I wanted to promote crazyforbargains.com, I would purchase my own domain name, download a complete website template (customizable) that crazyforbargains.com has available with all the information and products along with my affiliate id already included and get it up and running. I would do my own editing (change the colors, change the name and banner to my name, edit some of the words, etc) and SEO my website.

I am apart of various smaller affiliate programs that provide these options and it makes a world of difference.

I hope you or all merchants can offer this in the future.

Thanks For Your Time