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    February 8th, 2006
    Unhappy Instrument Pro CJ Version works ...Almost.
    Hi David,

    I updated my Instrument Pro script to the v7.09.26 as well as view script.

    It works fine when I access it from the browser (after remembering to go set permissions to 755 on make, etc.) But I may have missed something because it won't work from the cron job. I'll put in a few key parts of the email from cron.

    Perl v5.008005
    DySE v7.09.26
    DySE v7.09.26

    It found the new key but then it gets to here.
    # templates:

    *** FATAL ERROR ***
    templates: couldn't open directory for reading: No such file or directory

    Templates folder is set to 755. It looks all intact to me.

    After it fails I can go build it by hand by executing

    When it runs from browser it shows:
    DySE::view v7.09.26: using latest version
    Compress::Zlib: installed
    LWP: v5.808 installed

    path to perl interpreter: perl v7.06.22 sub-program working properly

    I notice rev didn't change on make2 but I assume that is normal.

    Any ideas?


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    February 8th, 2006
    Exclamation Still no help...
    Still haven't gotten it working with cron. I have to rebuild it by hand every day. I have checked permissions until I am blue in the face. I have filled out 2 support tickets but if there was a response I never got them.

    I looked at the output for a successful manual run & every directory exists that it calls, but then hey it works from the browser.

    I am running out of ideas. Am I stuck in manual mode forever??

    This probably my fault, I just need help overcoming my stupidity!




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    February 8th, 2006
    OK Here's the scoop
    Well I never got a personal response either here or with my support tickets but today got an email as follows:

    The DySE::InstrumentPro script has been updated.

    This is a non-critical update. Upgrading to this new version is optional.

    Important: If you are using a version of DySE::InstrumentPro that is less than v7.09.26 then you must upgrade (to at least v7.09.26). Older versions will not cause commissions to be tracked since is now at the Commission Junction ( affiliate network. See upgrade instructions.

    Revisions since v7.09.26 include:

    Fix: Works as a cronjob.
    Improvement: Templates Improved for SEO.
    details and more...

    Guess I wasn't crazy afterall. OK this didn't prove that, but I sure wasted a lot of time thinking it was me.

    Anyway...if you have this problem, David has an update to V 7.10.18 that should fix you up.

    Hope this helps,


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