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    Well, since my Steelers lost this weekend, and my Pirates were mathematically eliminated in 2001, I figured it's time to start talking about hockey.

    I look for the Sabres to fall a little short of last years regular season accomplishemnts. However, I didn't really see anyone in our division get much stronger. So we should challenge for the top.

    Should be a better year for Flyers and Oilers fans, we'd hope.

    Thoughts? Predictions? Random negative comments about Lindros, Sundin, or Darcy Tucker?

    We welcome those here....
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    looks like there arent many hockey fans here Noth. I love the Bruins, but they just aren't good. its going to be a long season in bean town for the black and gold.
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    It's going to be a tough haul for the Ducks to come close to last year's heroics, what with Niedermayer and Selanne sitting at home watching 3 Stooges reruns, some key injuries, and the ridiculous start of the season in England.

    It's still a black hole as far as the Kings are concerned.

    And speaking of the 3 Stooges, don't get me started on the Keystone Cops running the Laker's front office.

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