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    FTC Permanently Halts Media Motor Spyware Scam
    "Trojan Program Downloaded Spyware, Adware, Porno Pop-Ups to Consumers’ Computers"

    Operators who infected more than 15 million computers with destructive, intrusive spyware will give up $330,000 in ill-gotten gains from their venture to settle FTC charges that their scam violated federal law. The settlement will bar the defendants from downloading software onto consumers’ computers without disclosing its function and obtaining consumers’ consent prior to installation, bars them from downloading software that interferes with consumers’ computer use, and bars false or misleading claims....

    Full FTC release here

    One small win for us, let's hope it continues to trickle down ...
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    It's good news that they prosecuted these clowns but the fine is a mere slap on the wrist.
    Should the court find that the defendants misrepresented their financial status, $3,595,925 – the total revenues from their scam – will be due.
    So they made $3.5M for breaking the law and were fined $330K. Who wouldn't spend $1 to make $10? A 10% fine is just the cost of doing business. What's the discouragement here? They still made over $3,000,000.

    These penalties need to be 10 times the total amount earned so the law breakers don't get any income from their actions and stand to lose a LOT more. Until then, the message is "There's a ton of money to be made by scamming the public." Was justice servered? I don't think so.
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    I agree with Greg. Glad to hear it, but the penalty is pretty weak sauce.

    Hopefully those 15,000,000 installs can nail 'em with a class action suit that hits a little harder.
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