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    Tracking Trademark Poachers
    This is a copy of my post from another area of the forum but as I'm getting more familiar with the site I see this is likely the place it should have been posted initially.....

    Here’s some information on
    how to track trademark poachers that utilize geo targeting to avoid merchants from discovering their ads.

    On Google:
    Do a search for your URL or trademarked expression then add the following to the end of the address for the results:


    Replace the “ST” with the two letter abbreviation for the state and replace “CITY” with the name of the city you’d like to have search results for. Make sure you hit the enter key after making the changes to see the results.

    For Example a results url of


    On Yahoo:
    Similar to the methods above...
    In Yahoo add the following to the end of your search results URL....

    &csz= CITY%2C+ST
    Replace the CITY with the name of the city and ST with the two letter state abbreviation to see geographically targeted ads.

    On MSN/Live:
    For MSN/Live go to and select "Options" in upper right corner then "Change your search settings" on the resulting page. The search settings page will allow you to change your default search location to get results as they appear in other locales. (tested but not proven in my case as I've not seen any trademark poachers but I have seen other locally targeted ads)

    In addition to doing this you may need to check the link properties (linked URL) to verify what ads are actually yours. I’ve seen too many instances of affiliates that go so far as to copy ads word-for-word so you may not even notice an ad as not being yours. I recommend occasionally making small changes to an ad’s punctuation or capitalization to make it easier to see which ads belong to you.

    I bookmark the results of some of my trademarked searches to access them quickly and easily so that on my laptop if I happen to be up at 3:00 I can check my trademarked expressions. So far I'm finding the weekends and nights to be prime time for poacher hunting.

    Hope some of you find this useful in recovering some lost ROI.

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    Excellent tip ... thanks!
    Ray Thomas
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