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    From: ValueClick Uses JonBenet Ramsey’s Death To Promote Spam Trap or

    This seems too strange to be true.

    "How conflicted is Valueclick? Valueclick owns Commission junction. On commission junction, they forbid the use of 180 Solutions/Zango to advertise their merchants (or at least they did), while they ban it there, they actually promote Zango using their valueclick/fastclick division. And the CJ side even warned merchants of shady CPA networks using companies like 180 solutions/zango… which maybe they only had issues if they didn’t signup by clicking on their own ad… or something. if you are confused, don’t worry. The rest of this is pretty straightforward."

    interesting information here:

    Including this

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    Quote Originally Posted by realitystate
    This seems too strange to be true.
    It all does seem that way - too strange, perhaps that's why so many merchants don't have a clue about all that goes on.

    But the truth is obvious and documented, pick an issue and it's easy to observe the truth.

    The freebie email harvesting stuff, look up the FTC investigation into VC, for example.

    VC using adware, see the's report.

    And on and on...

    It's all out there and public, merchant's there just can't put all the pieces together and make proper judgments, the "sales" reports that result from all this shitware popping cokkies are just too intoxicating to them.

    Imagine if your own professional reputation, your investor's / stockholders value and your merchant/client relationships were all resting atop this house of cards...

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