As of last Sunday, September 30th, our InstrumentPro program in MyAp was shut down. This program has since merged with our InstrumentPro program currently in Commission Junction. If any of you were partners in our MyAp program, you have seen many notices about this, but if for some reason you still have not switched your links, please do so now. If you were a MyAp partner and are now applying to our CJ program, please shoot me an email to let me know you've applied so I can make sure you are approved straightaway.

Obviously for any of you who were planning on applying to our MyAp program, we are no longer accepting applications through that network. Please apply directly to our Commission Junction program at:

As a side note, for anyone who had used the DYSE scripts in MyAP, those have since been modified for the Commission Junction program. Please email directly for any details on how to pick up these new scripts.

Of course, post back or PM with any and all questions, folks.