Hello Team,


This is the day of the week that every ARC affiliate partner can look forward to BANKING$$$$ on our merchant programs! This week we will be premiering the oneÖthe onlyÖ.Holmes Stamp!

If your not familiar with HolmesStamp, you donít know what your missing! This week and this week only, we will be offering all of our HolmesStamp affiliate partners an extra $25.00 for every sale generated over $100.00. This is an addition to the 20% commission we are already paying out. This is a sweet deal folks!

If youíre not familiar with HolmesStamps, hereís a little history on their program benefits so you can get reacquainted:

Program Benefits

20% Commissions
60 Day Cookie
Parasite FREE
Average order value of $50.00
Data Feed is being created
Instant $10.00 CAB's (Cash Activation Bonus, paid out on the last day of the month)
Dedicated Program Management by Andy Rodriguez Consulting

If your not a HolmesStamp affiliate, JOIN TODAY!