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Company Description:
The purpose at X-Treme Geek is to satisfy your geeky cravings for the latest hi-tech electronic gadgets, performance computer parts, games, and unique collectibles. It specializes in a large selection of innovative products that are slightly unusual, sometimes hackable, and certainly ingenious.
X-Treme Geek is a nationally recognized catalog company with loyal customers and a reputation for quality and service.

Commission Structure:

Commission Duration:
60 days

Competitors: and

Analytics: X-Treme Geek works continuously to optimize its site for conversion. Your affiliate links will have Coremetrics tracking built into the link in order to optimize the site and share learnings with you.
Creative Banners: 24-hour access to links and promotional materials, sales results, and prompt payment.

Product Feed: X-Treme Geek will offer a product data feed to help you manage campaigns more effectively.

Customer Service: Unparalleled support from the Affiliate Team and access to our marketing and merchandising expertise.

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