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    I'm new to this forum and I don't understand most abbrevations you use, but I gotta notify you about some well-known affiliate programs who are cheaters: first of all

    I joined them 1-2 years ago and I patiently collected cents by reading emails etc. Finally, when I got 33 $ and requested withdrawal by check, they answered that it will be processed in couple of days. After more than a month now I can't even log in back tio their site and I haven't recieved check from them.

    Second of all, it's
    After fullfilling many join-in forms, they claimed that I cheated in filling forms and excluded me.
    Also - CHEATERS!!!

    Tell me about your expiriences with Affiliate programs (specially answering surveys or reading emails or so)... Which are fair and which not...?

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    Just from my point of view, I stay away from lead programs...not that all lead merchants are bad because there are some honest ones who pay well. Personally, I prefer to sell a physical product or some sort of service...In the past, lead programs I've had became a spam issue and the selling of information from the person who registered. Again, that is just my personal opinion

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    Overall evaluations around here are any "get paid to surf" programs are complete rippoffs. Your best bet is to read over the posts here and build yourself a legit web site with affiliate enabled merchants on the top 3 networks. Mix in some PPC merchants at the lesser networks who allow foreign affiliates.

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    Getting paid to read e-mail and getting paid to fill out forms (or getting paid to surf or paid to look at ads) are NOT affiliate or associate programs.

    They are comsumer reward schemes and dubious ones at that.


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