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    August 5th, 2007
    How not to waste time...
    There are probably lots of posts on productivity.

    I thought I'd share this b/c I tend to spend WAY too much time on the computer being undirected.

    I am currently in the process of setting up my 4th or 5th Word Press blog witha new monetizaiton strategy.

    The temptation is to stay up all night getting everything tweaked, all the plug ins added, modifications to the .htaccess, etc,etc.

    But I know that time trap, now having done it 3 times in the past month or so.

    So I printed out a blank calendar on which I've written 1-3 tasks each day for the next week.

    I have a blank calendar for an existing site on which I've written the post topic for each day of the next week...many are already written.

    In this way, I have a stopping point and a plan for each day. We'll see how it goes!

    Any otehr time saving tricks?

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    That's great advice, one I'm pretty bad at following. Think I might print me up a "To-Do" list as well and see how it goes. I'm bad at getting distracted and not getting what I wanted done.

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    I wrote a great to do list a few weeks ago... I just gotta figure out where I put it.

    Really the only thing that keeps me even half-way on track is to set a goal when I get up in the morning.

    Today's goal: Finish upgrading WordPress to 2.3 and plugins on all of my sites.

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    I don't make lists
    I just see what I have to do in the morning and just do it..
    There's nothing better then the creativity of the mind!

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    My main trick is I don't answer my phone, I just check my messages once a day and return calls then or email them if possible

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    I make a list in the morning, and then cross those puppies out as I go along. Nice sense of accomplishment at the end of the day (usually )

    I also temporarily turn off the email reminder for the hour or so when I'm working on something that requires 100% concentration.

    I read somewhere that it takes your mind at least 15minutes to get back to the same level of concentration once you've been distracted. Every 15 minute bit added a lot of time!
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    It's easy to get distracted online... One minute you're in the middle of a blog post, next thing you know you're watching "chocolate rain" on youtube and IMing your buddies about it...

    Before you know it the sun is about to start rising and you haven't done any work!

    The internet is an easy place to get distracted in.. you're only a few clicks and keystrokes away from wherever your mind desires to be.

    To help me stay on task, I started setting up weekly schedules a couple months ago. First I make a weekly schedule, then I make a set of daily tasks to accomplish.

    Sometimes my tasks carry over to the next day, but at least I know that work is being completed on a daily basis.... unlike before when I used to go days sometimes without actually accomplishing any important tasks.

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    One of the things I do to keep my productivity levels high is to stop working.

    Okay, not exactly STOP working, but if my mind just doesn't want to focus on the task on hand I'll drop it and go do something mindless (but useful). If I can't seem to write a good content article, for example, I might run off and do the dishes. It's not thrilling, but at least I can turn the radio on and get moving.

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    I'm also a big fan of lists... There is just something very satisfying about crossing stuff off. It also helps your brain stay organized. I think just the very act of writing stuff down - rather than trying to keep it in your head - does something to your brain.

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    Good question, I was wondering the same recently. Writing a list has helped me focus much more and I only check my email 3 times per day, which is really hard! When it comes to wanting to be an affiliate, I found a free resource that breaks up my tasks and has great info as well. Not sure if I'm allowed to post the name?


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    I think lists are great also. I also find that allotting a certain block of time each day for certain tasks also helps. Knowing I have certain time constraint helps me stick to things.

    The problem is remembering to make my lists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OptimistUnderSiege
    If I can't seem to write a good content article, for example, I might run off and do the dishes. It's not thrilling, but at least I can turn the radio on and get moving.
    That is a great way to stay productive..... I often find myself staring at the screen for extended periods of time... not a very productive activity.

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    I read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Brook (Schaaf) actually recommended it to me as he thought it might be interesting if we could incorporate some of the techniques for productivity office-wide. While most of it was simply too tedious to stick with, I do think the one main takeaway that I got from it is this: if you make a list, make sure that the items on it represent only the most immediate step you can take towards completing the project or goal it is part of. For example, if your end goal is to have a brand new site about bicycles up by the end of the month, make sure your list represents something like "contact Tom from Bicycle World regarding datafeed" . Once things like this are completed, you go on to the next most immediate action.

    Separately, you keep a list that represents what the completed projects should be so you can keep an eye on how much you've done and still need to do regarding each item on this list, and then can go back to your Immediate To Do list to make any alterations. I'm still tweaking this and its hard to maintain lists in general, but I feel more organized than I used to.
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