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    Front loading/Low Volume Bonus Structures
    Just wanted to get some insight from the more experienced AM's

    I have been reading a lot of the bonus structures that are available for a number of affilate program and noticed that in many cases, the bonuses come at relatively low levels of sales, compared to what i expected.

    Now I know you have offer positive reinforcement early on for affiliates to start pumping your goods, but at a certain point, do the bonuses no longer motivate as the become in consequential for the bigger producers.

    What do you keep in store for the bigger guys or are they experienced enough to be happy with a consistantly producing product/merchant

    Or are the majority of affiliate sales coming from a lot of low level producers (which would violate the 80/20 rule of life) for whom hitting 500 bucks a month in sales is a major mile stone.

    Ya, I know, another painful question


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    Calling them low level producers is going to piss off a lot of affiliates.

    I'll let others answer your question.
    Deborah Carney

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