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    How many abandoned sites do you have?
    Today I was cleaning up files on one of my server and came across a few websites that I created 6+ months ago. I probably spent about 3-4 hours on one in particular (a travel vacation site).

    So when I stumbled upon these old sites I looked up their stats to see if they did go anywhere. Most of them didn't even get indexed, but the travel site I made on the other hand has had a moderate degree of success on it's own. According to the server logs and Google Analytics, it's getting about 50 uniques/day from Google. I looked through the data and pulled up the keywords people were using and went searching, and wouldn't you guess it the site is ranking #1 for all these terms (probably about 20 terms in total, long tail keywords that get very minimal traffic). Not bad considering i put maybe 4 hours of work into link building/seo lol.

    Obviously I can't let the traffic go to waste so I'm redesigning the site and putting a bunch of hours into it over the next few days, maybe it'll get a sale once or twice a month lol.

    So how many of you are holding onto old/dead sites that you setup a long time ago and then just left alone? If you do have any, maybe you should check on them - you may have the same situation as me and not realize it

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    um zero, lol. I do see lots of people starting so many sites they can't keep up. It seems to me having a few sites you can keep on top of is better than having a bunch you can't keep updated

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    I would not redesign the site. I would add to it.

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    I have urls, but not sites themselves. Once I put even a few hours of investment in, I'm reluctant to let it go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne
    um zero, lol. I do see lots of people starting so many sites they can't keep up. It seems to me having a few sites you can keep on top of is better than having a bunch you can't keep updated
    I currently have about a dozen sites that I have abandoned or not worked on in 2 or 3 months. The reason is that one of my sites has become much more successful than all of the other sites combined, and I've lost interest in the other sites as a result.

    BUT, I wouldn't have known how to make this site work as well as it is working if I had not worked on the other sites. The lessons (erm... failures) I learned from those sites were invaluable.

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    I have four total:

    I just looked at the stats for the first one a few days ago for the first time in probably two years. I was surprised to see it getting about 1,000 page views a day. It got maybe 50 hits a day back when I worked on it for hours a day. Go figure.

    The other two get about 2,000 hits a day (don't laugh- that's a lot to me! ) because they are very rich in original content but hardly make anything. I probably put in about 10 hours of work for one and about 60 hours for the other (compared to the hundreds of hours of work I put into the above).

    There is only one that is "my baby" because it is a subject matter I am very interested in. The first site above I was also very passionate about but eventually lost interest because I couldn't keep up with the site upkeep as well as reply to the dozens of emails I was getting a day from my readers (the site is a Christian educational site).

    Being a business owner now, I have to concentrate my efforts on being a merchant but all of my sites were a great learning experience and a way to learn things from the perspective of an affiliate.

    Oh ya- then there is one I spent about 100 hours on but never even published. It was going to be a massive coupon mall but that concept is pretty tapped out so I never even bothered.

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    I have a bunch of old key word domain sites I just stopped keeping up on, to me at least, that way to do it has died a long time ago. Keep meaning to put them up for sale here. Nothing great, but I know I will never use them.


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    14, all of my currently active sites. At some point, after months and years of trying, you just realize why bother.

    Shawn Kerr (.com) | Disney World | SEC Football

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    Ma, where the beer? :escape:

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    I don't get married to a site, or an idea. If it isn't working for me, I'll offload it. Usually, the sites are well set-up and SEO'd (i put in more than 3 hours!!) so I can get some cash for them.

    As an example, I set up a user oriented arts-based website, which I wanted to become a valuable resource for authors etc. I was driving for some quality literature. Unfortunately, the site soon became full of neo-goths and emos writing about suicide and abuse. The writing was crap (but the related ads paid well). I no longer wanted to administer the website as it had changed beyond all recognition from my initial idea, so I sold it on to a similar company (i.e. one who works with these MySpace kids regularly).

    That turned out to be the most I've ever made from selling a website!

    I'd never let a domain go stale. What is the point. Its quality content or nothing for me, but if it doesn't turn out as you would like it, offload it. Remove the hassle, lose the worry.

    Keep the sites you personally like and enjoy running. They'll make you more money in the long run as you spend more time working on them. You might actually enjoy it too!!

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