signed up with them through cj and want to pose this question to anyone of you who are in their program and are getting paid by them.

1. Once i have my link and i have it on my site, if it displays a certain product on my site and i click through to ebay.. and dont buy or win that bid of that product but i purchase something else.. I will still get the commission right, as its based on my cookie and not the product right?

2. It says in their policy that affiliates are compensated for winning bids or buys that occur within 7 days, now from what I remember ebay does a 10 day option.. so what happens if someone comes through you link on day 1 and 7 days later the auction has not ended.. your not going to get compensated right even if you win at the end of the 10 days right?

3.How long from the time of an auction won or bought does it take before CJ updates that you have generated a PENDING affiliate commission, is it automatic? As I wanted to test my links to make sure they are correct before I leave them on my site.