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    I have been a lurker for a long time but this is my first post. I have a few small websites that i use affiliate banners on for some extra cash.

    However, now I am looking to cater a site completely to an affiliate program. I recently have come into posession of a domain name that used to be used as a pay per browsing program. The actual domain is gibberish and isnt a real word. The site still recieves about 3k visitors a day. I want to leverage this traffic to make some $. What would you advise me to do with the site. I am trying to figure out the best way to cater to the visitors, since they will be expecting to find ways to make money online.

    I have looked into the remaining programs that pay for browsing. However, I dont think that any of them can be trusted to pay out. If anybody knows of any that are repuable or can give me any advice on what type of site to build i woudl be very appreciative.

    Thank you,


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    A big link "THIS PAGE HAS MOVED...", point it to allclicks.

    Under that text, link keywords to your other sites for PR leak

    The problem with the traffic you are gettin, are these people want to make money for nothing, by reading email, or surfing... i doubt many of them will want to buy a book or information on how they can make real money, as that takes effort and work.

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    3000 a day! I am jealous!

    I suggest you sit down and think about what these visitors want and give it to them....

    surf for money...

    Want to make money, but probably do not have any money themselves... little desperate...

    Debt Consolidation! I suggest a pop under. At there is ... they have performed well for me.

    Now, that you have a pop-under taken care of, you have to work on your front page.

    ... These people are looking to make money. I suggest you go to clickbank and find one of the build-a website- here's -how- you -make -money -online - programs. is well run. I do not think they are with clickbank, but have their own program.

    The suggestion you got to add some links to your other sites to increase their PR ranking is good. If you do not understand what that is, go to the search engine insight forum on this site and read about it.

    You may also want to advertise a low-cost Internet service provider. They are out there. I think Juno (10 dollars/month) has an affiliate program. I have a backup ISP called that is 6 dollars a month. So, there ARE cheap ones out there and I am sure a few have affiliate programs. You gotta figure people looking to make nickels on the Internet would be quite pleased with saving 10 dollars a month on their Internet service.

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