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    just saw this while logging into adwords

    "New! Expand your reach with Content-Targeted AdvertisingTM — Free clicks until March 12
    Content-Targeted Advertising displays Google AdWordsTM ads on web content pages related to your chosen keywords — providing you with broader exposure and greater reach for your AdWords campaign. As our way of introducing this addition to our AdWords program, all clicks from ads on content pages are free for the first two weeks. Billing for ads on content pages will begin March 12."

    still reading it, figuring it out. Ah no wonder they bought blogger. I think the ads show on partners who agree that the ads can be shown on their site.

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    With my luck lately "Motormint" will land me on all gardening pages on how to plant and grow mint and "Diecast" will either place me in obituaries or pages on flycasting. Let me see how you do I'm still trying to get my product feeds on Froogle but I mostly am getting screwgled every step of the way...

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