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    Hope this helps...
    Bill Mansfield is the owner of ClickXchange. Craig is his partner. I can't remember his last name just because I never saw him at the office. We met with him for lunch a few times to go over some new ideas for marketing campaigns and direction. Bill does everything there, which isn't much. And he is not the kind of person you want to deal with. By the way, ClickXchange1 is Bill Mansfield. If you ever see anyone post for clickXchange, it is either Craig to answer a technical question (he's the brains of the operation), or Bill pretending to be someone else or telling the person what to write. Believe me, I know because I was there for almost a year. It was only Bill and I 90% of the time in the office. I did slack on my job toward the end because I couldn't stand working for such a dishonest employer. I wouldn't help him con people into giving him their money any more!

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    I think you've mentioned this before . . .

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    And since you're no longer with the company, I took it out of your sig.

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