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    Talking USB pen drive - survived 3 wash cycle and 45 min in the dryer
    I did my laundry yesterday and my USB pen drive survived the excursion (washer + dryer).

    3 wash cycle and 45 minutes high heat in the dryer.

    The USB snap-on snap-off plastic casing fell off and it was easy to put back. Plug it into my PC and all pictures and files are still there.

    Besides the USB drive, my car keys with remote took a swim + went through the dryer 5 months ago and it still works.

    So, do you have anything that went through the washer and dryer and SURVIVED??

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    That's impressive!

    My washer/dryer cycle survivors are pretty mundane. Mostly cigarette lighters and small change. Those which didn't survive were credit card receipts (blame hubby).

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