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    Got an e-mail from Omnigen - a supplier of generic viagra that I promote:

    "We no longer offer free shipping with orders of $360 or more. We are now offering our clients a free trial pack with orders of $360 or more. This $49.95 worth of product for free!
    Please ensure that your websites reflect these changes.
    Thank you,"

    Now bear in mind that this company stopped tracking for nearly two weeks while they upgraded their system and my e-mails went unanswered. However, as I could not find another company I stuck with them. However, concerns over payment have started as nothing has been paid yet and I should have received a first cheque some time ago.

    So, next thing I know I get this e-mail from one of the other Omnigen affiliates (name removed):

    "Hello Omnigen,

    Thank you so much for keeping me (and the other "affilliates") update on
    your program. While I would love to send you some of the hundreds of
    visitors my sites recieve daily for viagra I am unable to at this time...

    I was wondering if your ever planning on paying me or any of the other
    affiliates on this mailing list? You might also not want to send out email
    to a list like this, very unprofessional! I can not even beleieve that you
    keep sending me your info about your program when you owe me more than
    $2,000? What is it going to take?"

    Although sad, you have to laugh. Omnigen used an open mailling list (where anyone on the list can post), to e-mail affiliates. Now I have received a few other e-mails from disgruntled affiliates threatening legal action, looking for a new supplier etc etc. How stupid can a merchant be? If they want to rip off affiliates, there are way to do it , but putting all the disgruntled affiliates in communication with each other via an open mailing list? Now I have heard everything.

    Andy Williams

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    talk about the ultimate noose....this guy deserves everything he's gonna get.

    aka Cyclone

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    A legit merchant and an active honest affiliate manager should be able to field the flack with something like Yahoo's egroups e-mail program. I advised Andy with TD to do this when he first got started BECAUSE he wanted open communication to focus his efforts to the bad points. The rest is history. You'll never see posts here or elsewhere by lazy AM's or most of the large branded merchants because they all have something to hide.

    Charlie ...

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