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    October 9th, 2007
    4 - php script to upload feed??
    Hi to everyone,
    My name is Mike, and I'm a first-time poster. Unsurprisingly, I have a question that I hope someone can help with.

    I have a store with about 1,000 products. It is based on OSC, and I use feedmachine.php (very nice contrib!) to create 5 product feed files for froogle, bizrate etc etc. For my sins, last week I started marketing thorough - and there is a problem...

    Creating the product feed was easy,a nd I have a fresh tab-delimited file sitting on my webserver each morning. The difficult part is getting it uploaded to I'm completely stuck on how to automate the upload.

    Unlike froogle, ciao et al, Amazon only seem to offer you the option of manually logging onto their web page and uploading it NO FTP!!!! Surely this can't be right, and surely someone else reading my post has walked this path? I'm looking for a solution like a mini-script that CRON can call to log onto Amazon seller central and upload the pre-prepared feed file. Is there a better solution, or does anyone have any advice?

    Many thanks! - Mike
    (Oh, and I did contact tech support. Please, just don't ask!)

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    October 11th, 2007
    1 - php script to upload feed??
    I have the same problem with Amazon and I am looking for a solution. I would prefer not to write this myself, but if I must I must. Did you find anything out regarding the automation? I thought Amazon was using xml, soap or some API to manage this stuff.

    Any help will be most appreciated.

    PS they are taking a pretty big percentage on our sales. Has anyone negotiated a lower percentage on sales with Amazon?

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    October 9th, 2007
    Hi Rock,

    Information on this is pretty thin (or rather, I'm having difficulty researching it) but this is what I've found.

    Yes, Amazon do have a SOAP server. There appears to be loads of apps available to interface with this, but the all seem to revolve around extracting product information from Amazon to display in a non-Amazon webpage. Basically, banner ad style, or you can even have your own e-commerce store with Amazon doing all the DB stuff and the payment gateway. I have only found ONE link that suggests that more is possible. Please unwrap this URL and have a read...

    OK, it very pricy as it's all about charging for a top-end integration service but the point is that it suggests that it's possible to do the upload using the SOAP server (or something similar). If the facility is there, then the opportunity exists to exploit the feed upload with a lightweight script!

    Another clue is in one of the programs that Amazon makes available (..but claims not to support) called AMTU, which apparantly synchronises the output of a Windows desktop management utility with the live Amazon account. It might be worth having a closer look at how this achieves synchronisation and crib from it, but this is outside my expertise.

    One other thing to bear in mind is that a second version of such a script will be almost universally needed soon...

    At the moment, the 'sales alert' emails are being sent to me (for info) and to the warehouse for despatch. Amazon plan to remove the customer name, address, and email address from these alert emails in about 10 days time. As a result, instead of logging on once a day to upload a feed file because Amazon can't be @rzed to provide an FTP server, we now have to log on once more per day at a minimum to download the order file. Sadly, doing this will upset my warehouse as it will result in a list of orders all hitting at once, right near the end of the afternoon. Of course, this can be got around by logging in each time we get a non-informative sales alert email - so it gets worse!

    I simply cannot believe that the order process is structured in this way, with no alternative other than having a human (who really should have better things to do) constantly logging onto a webpage! Somehow, somewhere, we are missing a piece of the puzzle!

    - Mike

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    Hi Rock,

    A bit of an update!

    There is a bolt-on for the Actinic cart called Mash that produces the feed files. More hopefully, the screenshot shows an UPLOAD button.

    ...but then the manual for this product dashes all hopes on page 43, where it become clear that the upload isn't automated.


    The better news is that I've found a script which uses cURL to get the job done. Yeah..yuk, and it's a bit dated, but it's a start for someone who can cut code better than I can...

    In the absence of an alternative route, would that be of help?

    I'm aware that it doesn't address the issues of downloading the sales report to produce delivery notes (which will be needed after the 22nd??), but one step at a time, eh? If I find anything else of use, I'll post back!

    Cheers! - Mike

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    October 9th, 2007
    Is there anyone else who can help with these issues??

    Fortunately, Amazon have offered a stay of execution on using the sales alert emails as despatch notes...

    "We previously announced an upcoming change to "Sold, dispatch now" e-mail notifications here:

    As a result of your feedback, we have postponed this change until February 4th, 2008. We want to allow plenty of time for merchants to make the transition from relying solely on e-mail order notifications.

    To help you make this transition, we will be extending the reach of the Event Notification Web Service API (Application Programming Interface) to the EU, Japan, and Canada. The Event Notification Service is a freely-available SOAP web service that allows third-party integrators and software developers to create applications that programmatically retrieve information about the arrival of new orders and other events that occur on your account. "

    Great, but I'm wondering if this API also supports product feed uploads.

    - Mike

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