Hello Team,

Henry Ford once said, ""Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"! These words echo and confirm the essence of what our affiliate partners have accomplished on the OneWayFurniture affiliate program.

I want to take this very special moment to acknowledge and congratulate all of our affiliate partners on the OneWayFurniture program. Our 30 day average sales are getting close to hitting the $600.00 mark and our 7 day average sales are also on the rise and expected to hit the $550.00 threshold very soon.

Without question, its been the combined efforts of all our affiliate partners on OneWayFurniture that is making this consistent, upward trend possible. Thank you for your support on this program, your involvement is making OneWayFurniture one of the fastest growing affiliate programs on our roster.

In the month of October and November we are going to be doing something very special for all of our affiliate partners. Please stay tuned to our forum and newsletter publications. Again, a great big thank you to all supporting OneWayFurniture!

If you havent joined this money train, dont let another day go by. Hop on board today and make this Holiday Season even sweeter. Join OneWayFurniture!