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    Length of Time -> DNS Changes
    So I registered a new domain yesterday morning with godaddy. As soon as the order was placed, I switched the nameservers to point to hostgator. Now today, I am still getting a "Moved Permanently" error page on the domain. Hostgator confirmed my Add-On Domain is setup correctly and I confirmed the new nameservers are in play by doing a whois lookup on the domain. So how long should I be waiting for my test html page to start working?

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    DNS changes happen rather quickly now (perhaps an hour?), so something isn't right if you're still not seeing it.

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    Godaddy's DNS changes are practically instant now.

    There are several places in between where you could be seeing old data, like your PC's cache, your router, your ISP, etc...

    A good quick test is to see if you can get someone else who would have never looked at the domain before (and therefore less cached data) to check it out.

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    Try the ISP number as opposed to the text name of your site. The name sometimes takes longer to get into the system than the numbers.
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    Yes, this is usualy a caching issue, on your machine or your ISP's DNS server.

    As above try to get someone else to test it.

    Sometimes if you've been testing it yourself using, trying without the www will get you non-cached DNS data which will be the current info.

    In the old days of the DNS only being updated at the TLD's once or twice a day, it was a matter of sitting back and waiting. These days of 5 minute(or less) DNS updates, DNS caches come into play a lot more.

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    Another useful trick is to 'manually' set your DNS server. Normally, this is automatically set, but you can pick a specific IP to use for DNS lookups. Just set it to the DNS for your host, or more specifically, the nameserver you entered at Godaddy.

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    If you are on a windows machine:

    Start > Setting > Network connections
    Right click you network card, click repair. (clears DNS cache)
    If you have a local router/modem, reset it.
    Try again.

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    Alternatively you can run the following from the windows command prompt:

    ipconfig /flushdns

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