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    Tracking keywords all the way through?
    Is there a software program or any way to track the keyword all the way through a transaction? Obviously I am trying to figure out which keywords are the most successful at converting.

    I have looked around, but my search has become unsuccessful. I'm sure it's right in front of me too.

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    I'm curious to see replies to this one as well. I don't use any programs or services for this..but I did see a website that markets a service you could use with CJ, Linkshare and others. you can PM me and I can send you the URL..but again, I don't use the service so I can't vouch it.

    I would like to hear recommendations from others too. Obviously a reliable keyword tracking service would be invaluable.

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    If you are in a position to place code in the CART, there are services that can track and generate ROI info.

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    I found a website that claims it can track your results from your affiliate links (ie: from CJ). i'd like to post the link here, and ask if anyone used their service. i just won't do it now because i don't want to get in trouble for spam

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