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    Trademark bidding? How is this happening?
    We don't do any paid search. Nada
    All of our stuff is natural SEO.

    We have a niche site that is product based, 100% of the traffic to the site comes from people searching for products and finding them on our niche site.

    A merchant uses Omniture to track the traffic to their site. They have referring links from google on people searching on their store name.
    These are the results:

    Affiliate Organization Affiliate SSAID (evar12) SEM Branded (evar1) 4526 Y 4526 Y 4526 Y 4526 4526 Y 4526 Y 4526 Y 4526 Y 4526 Y 4526 Y

    So how does our affiliate id come up in the reports, when looking at the links they sent our site is no where to be found? I am stumped.

    Is it from someone maybe looking at products on our site and then searching the merchant's name on google to check them out? Or did Omniture get our cookie from being on our site and then going to google an it is now attributing it to us?

    As I said, we don't do any paid search placement of any type anywhere.

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    Let me run it past our CTO! We use Omniture heavily and he is the resident expert.

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    Didn't get a definitive answer:
    I donít really have a good way to answer this. Omniture is so big and customizable there are a variety of ways that this information could be turning up in a report. Most likely it is an accounting of affiliate linked traffic into a site, but I donít have much to base that conclusion on.

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    The reference to your site is the indicator of the site the user was on prior to going through the PPC link. That's my guess.
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    You may want to ask them how Omniture splits out the paid vs' natural search--I'm a Coremetrics user and the way they work is that all the paid efforts have a certain tracking code and my affiliates have a different tracking code. The two cannot have the same tracking code--if we want to distinguish between the two channels. The other way we can look at it is by the referring sites, that will show sites that drive traffic and what channels they use to drive traffic, but if Google is appearing--I have no way of knowing if that Google result is an organic or paid result. This could be what is happening to you?

    We don't really have a way to determine if a Googler searched on our branded term and then clicked on an affiliate link? The only way we really determine who is bidding on our branded terms is to do actual searches.

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