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    Question a domain question
    Hi, all,

    I've written to the eBay AM several times (once a week for a month), but still haven't gotten a response, so I'm posing the question here, to see if anyone can help me out:

    Can an affiliate use a domain name with the eBay name in it? I know there are several out there already, but am not sure as to whether they are grandfathered in... or if it's still/currently allowed.

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    I suggest you don't do it. I remember I had a brand trademark in domain name, and that company filed a dispute against me. Never use trademark in domain, your website will be shut down sooner or later.
    You can always ask the Trademark Holder if you want to use their trademark.

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    I agree. It's just not a good idea. Merchants are very protective of their brand, especially when it comes to domains. Just because some are getting away with it (for now), doesn't mean that you'll be able to.

    If you still can't be convinced not to do it, I would suggest that you get their approval in writing first.

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    They won't give approval. They are dead against it.

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    I worked for a company for many years that had a trademark they were very protective of and we had a whole process of watching the Web and sending cease and desist letters to owners of domains that had our trademark in it and if they did not cease, we sued. The company was comparable to eBay as far as revenues at that time, so I would say no, don't use the trademark. You might be able to get away with a variation if you are creative enough - even though that could still be borderline unethical.

    For example, you could register and make sure that you have information about rivers on your site. That way you can say it's about bayous and you just happen to have ebay links on it ... I know, that's lame. I'm tired ... LOL

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    If you're building out your own dedicated page for promoting eBay then you might fair better by going with something like advice4auctions or how2winbids. If people feel like you're adding value you may get a better CTR. With this said, there are some advertisers that currently allow affiliates to create domains using their trademarks. CallWave is presently one of them.

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