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    Geno's book just came today!
    I'm so excited! Geno's book, A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing (also mentioned here), just arrived in the mail about an hour ago. I've been thumbing through it like crazy.

    This is an absolute must have if you are a merchant or affiliate manager. Several (if not all) of the questions I've asked since joining ABW are answered in his book and many dozens more I had been wanting to ask.

    If you are planning to launch an affiliate program, having a lack of success with your current one, or just want to know how you can improve your already successful campaign, this book is fabulous.

    Won't be around much for a few days due to the fact I plan on burying my nose into this book. I also swear not to constantly bombard the board with merchant questions anymore now that I have this.


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    Thumbs up Geno's Book is Awesome.
    I absolutely agree with you Lookingfortips. I can't get enough of it. As a merchant, I am constantly referring to his book.

    We just launched our affiliate program a month ago (mentioned here ), and I must admit, that without Geno & his book, our program wouldn't have been this smooth a ride.


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