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    Linkshare Moderator Hello!
    Why do I keep getting this when I try to login?


    According to our records, we do not have a confirmed email address for one or more of your Affiliate Channels.
    Channels with invalid email:
    (Channel name was here deleted by me)
    Your account must have a valid email address so that LinkShare can send you important communications about account status. Please go to the Update Profile section and update your email address.

    If you have not received the validation e-mail, please double-check your SPAM blocking settings to be sure the e-mail is not being blocked. Also, you may want to try a different e-mail address, since your e-mail provider may also be blocking the e-mail as SPAM.
    I have been with LS for YEARS.

    I change my e-mail address (but I do not want to) and nothing happens. I DO NOT have and Spam blockers and I never get a confirmation email.

    I send e-mail to LS through the LS interface and get 0 Response.

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    I've merged your two threads and deleted the duplicate. Please don't post duplicate threads/posts on ABW.

    The LinkShare forum here isn't your best choice for support, unless it's something that other affiliates or merchants can help you with. LinkShare seldom responds to posts here.

    Probably the best ways to contact LinkShare for support are:

    1) Call them at 1-888-SHARE-89.
    2) email Ranae at abw [at]
    3) Use the support form:
    4) email them at support [at]

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    Have to disagree a little here. It could be a problem others have as well and Ranae does help out a lot of the time here. 3 or your suggestions are email or support form which I've never had luck with and:

    "I send e-mail to LS through the LS interface and get 0 Response."

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