I think we need a ratings forum for affiliate managers and their programs.
Kinda like "Consumers Reports".

I think AMs should have to prove their programs really convert and what kind of conversions.
Web ink is cheap so any one can say, yeah we have people converting all the time.

We have to prove a sale was made right?

So what I would like to see is once a month new ratings posted for affiliate programs.

I think the ratings should be based on what type of products the merchants sells and price.
And which items are converting, as in price range.

So if a merchant sells goods with a price range of a $1.00 to $20,000.00. And you are only converting on the dollar items does this mean that a program has good conversions?

Now if you are selling ink pens.Price Range $1.00 to $5.00 then yes, you do have good conversions.

I think the posting of conversions and at what price range would be very important to us affilates to judge if a program has good conversions and what type.

The ratings should be controlled by the affiliates with real sales, and snap shots to prove it if asked.

I know more ideas could be added to this to make it work....

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