This product spotlight will focus on another popular check format – Top Stub Checks!

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Top Stub Checks feature a different take on balancing your checkbook. Instead of relying on a duplicate copy of a personal check or recording each transaction in your separate check register, you can now keep your checking account balance at your fingertips with top stub checks. Our top stub check designs are wire bound across the top and include a handy stub to record transactions. Simply write the details on the stub, remove your check from the checkbook with the easy-tear perforation and you’re done! Best of all, our top stub checks are cheaper than your bank’s and come in a terrific assortment of check designs. Order yours today!

Side Tear Checks are available from the Image Checks brand and there are coupons!

Please feel free to use these coupon codes:

New Orders and Reorders - Free Shipping on Checks! – MWF155

New Orders - 49 cent 2nd box for 1st time customers! – MWF154 (This code makes 2 boxes of single checks just $10.44 plus shipping and handling!)

To find the coupons on ShareASale, log in to the Deals Database and search for Image Checks. If you use the 4Checks datafeed, Custom Field 2 also indicates top stub check designs with an Also Available in Top Stub Format! notation.

To find the coupons on Kolimbo, Log In to the affiliate admin area, choose Get Links and then Coupon Code banners.

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