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    Question on renaming and changing shops
    Is there ANYTHING I might do in the PopShops interface that would cause me to have to reinsert the shop code into my page?

    If I rename a shop, or change the style, or change from 3 rows of products to 6 for example, is everything dynamic and changes automatically on my page(s)?

    As I'm still learning I'm a bit paranoid and have reinserted my PHP code a couple of times to make sure.

    Thank you.

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    Joyaz .. I was paranoid about that too and kept re-entering the new code into my editor, but now started keeping the original loaded-to-server page minimized at the bottom of browzer, and when you POP IT IN at PopShops and then check the page you have minimized, you can see it's already changed (refresh it probably). I'm assuming you have to do the POP It IN thing though for it to change but at least you don't have to keep pasting a new code into the page all the time.

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    It's all dynamic (unless you use HTML) so you don't have to ever change the code itself.


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