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    Heads up for anyone using shoppingads/text-link-ads
    They are another desperate company that in the hopes to compete against google and get page/views clicks has taken to being heavily promoted in the piracy scene.

    These type of sites traditionally make horrible places to advertise, they are heavy with "clickers" looking to support the pirate site, but by their definition, pirate sites tend not to have alot of buyers... really sad to see affiliates buying ads for software that is being pirated on the same page.

    This segment of the ad market has normally been the home of the lowest scumbags of the industry. No one else wants to risk exposure on these sites, so before your next ad buy from shoppingads/text-link-ads, you may want to ask them about how they inflate their numbers by supporting pirate sites.

    ps. I can supply links/proof for anyone who needs it, otherwise I do not feel like linking to a pirate site here.

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    Hey Chetf, as far as i know, Shopping Ads work with one and only advertiser -, so I don't see how anyone would buy the traffic from them right now. And as for the Text Link Ads - the advertisers can choose where their ads (links) appear, so you can avoid the download sites altogether.
    Where's the problem then?

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