We've distributed several co-branded press releases with new merchants on our network lately. The most recent just posted at 12:01am today from PRWeb (without a doubt our news distribution channel of choice). It's a great article that highlights the Massey's Outfitters Affiliate Program (and the three other niche sites that came on board 800-SKI-SHOP, WeGotYourPack and TheFlipFlopper).

Our latest PRWeb distribution with Massey’s features the new programs in general with special emphasis on their dedication to the programs, their innovative terms and their experienced management team behind the effort. BTW, the innovative terms I am referring to are 1) the 365-day cookie, and 2) the fact that THEY ARE NOT REVERSING SALES ON RETURNS. (I can't remind people enough about that one!)

At any rate, a quote from the news release:
"We understand and acknowledge that Affiliates have a lot of choices in the Outdoor/Recreation category," explains Brent Carey of Colorado Web Solutions, program manager for Massey's. "We want to make sure that the best Affiliates know we'll do everything possible to convert their traffic, provide exceptional support on all levels and honor every sale they refer, even if the item is returned to us," he adds. "If an Affiliate sends us a buying customer they've done their job and they should be compensated, period."
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