Things for me started off great with this company. I joined it more than a year ago now.

Then I wrote in for support and was very surprised at the answer. I was not dismayed my request was denied. I was however annoyed at how it was answered.

There was not one hint of any professionalism whatsoever in the response. It was one single word:

There was not even a signature to the email at all.

I emailed them back and informed them I wanted my account deleted since there was no way to do it myself.

This was all way way back on 2/3/2002. Well just out of curiosity since I still had my information I tried to log in.

What do you know... the account I requested to be closed more than a year ago now was stil open...

And still there was no way for me to cancel my own account.

Anyone else have problems with this company?

Location: ClixGalore