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    Data feed to Excel problem
    I am having a devil of a time transferring a Duncraft data feed into Excel. I received the feed via email, in the actual body of the email, not as an attachment. I've messed with the data and tried a large variety of methods, from text files, tab deliminators, to importing web pages, xsl, more. Searching this forum has made me feel like I am the only person receiving data in the body of an email but this can't be so. I finally am breaking down to ask here.

    I have since changed my delivery method to FTP in case (hopes) it's my email system (gmail) but still am getting the email data and no FTP. I did email Performics about that - it is not the question here. I am confident that will be handled easily.

    My question is: what is the trick for transferring emailed data into Excel? I am new to Performics but not unfamiliar with data feeds. I know others are using this with no troubles so I'm pretty sure I am making a silly mistake. I appreciate any advice as to what to do with the email I receive.

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    It should be an attached file if it is arriving in an e-mail. Don't try using something embedded in an e-mail. That would be in an HTML format.

    For Duncraft files, if it is zipped, then unzip it. Open Excel, open the file from Excel (select All Files). The Text Import Wizard should start. Just make sure that you select Tab as the Delimiter.

    If you do not select All Files, you will not be able to see or select the file due to the strange file naming system used.

    BTW, the Duncraft data feed has been crap ever since they revised their product codes several months ago. I reported it, but it was never fixed. There isn't any useful product description. The LongDesc column is blank and the ShortDesc column contains truncated text.
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    Thank you - I appreciate the answer and love Beaker. There is no attachment to the email, which is very much what I expected to see. It is embedded with a "view entire message" option which opens the feed in a new, html rich window. I've been all over the options on that one. This is why I switched to FTP delivery. Gmail does not allow me a plain text option even though I have html off by default. Once I get a text file I'm good with Excel, but I just didn't understand what the heck I was receiving.

    So at least I don't feel crazy when I have no clue what to do with this data. I thought I knew how to do this. Hopefully I'll start getting FTP and the problem is solved.

    Thanks for the data warning. I laughed - after I get through this headache I can worry about a couple thousand bland descriptions. Yay!

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