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    static ppc text/image link
    In adsense we see dynamic text links according to serach. Plus a "ads by google" logo. I am planning to start a link directory site. I want to show some ppc text/image links which are not dynamic(will not change). Is their any ppc program that has this option?

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    The PPC listings always changes, because it's a non stop bid war going on. There are only some low paying PPC campaigns at SAS (shareasale) that have what you want.. But I dont know maybe others know it, good luck with your idea!

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    I'm sure others will have a better answer but this is what I know so far:

    1). Google Referrals. A fairly new program. If you do not want the ads to rotate, I guess you would just make one Adsense link at a time instead of all of selecting multiple merchants at one time within one code.

    The downside is it will show "Referral Ads by Google." And this is not really affiliate marketing in my opinion but arbitrage. Also, I believe Google has really cut down on these types of websites. Lastly, you can only place so many Google Adsense codes on one page so not sure how effective it would be if you would have to build one code at at time. AND, this isn't really PPC but PPA.

    2). Sign up only with merchant programs who offer PPC commissions. Your selection will be slim since only a fraction offer this method (most use PPA commission systems) but at least the ads will not rotate.

    That's all I know since I've never really been a fan of link sites. If I totally misunderstood your question, please correct me. I just woke up a little while ago.

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    Thank you guys.
    The reason for static text/image link is to make users think this is part of my contents. They clicks on lot of links. But when they see "Ads by Google" or "Amazon" they knows this is not part of my content. So most of them don't bother clicking.

    Sites like Link Directory, Product/service Reviews may provide direct link to merchant site. So each click on this links could get us payments which would be much more than Adsense.

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