Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post and let everyone know that the OutdoorCooking Affiliate program is offering a $100 cash bonus to any Affiliate who can drive $1000 during the month of October. Many of you are already on your way to earning this bonus this month, as this program is off to a great start since we launched on Sept 14th.

We're really excited about this exclusive AvantLink program. Affiliates promoting them already have been enjoying a 7+% conversion on traffic so far this month! It's a very clean and well managed site.

If you have qualified traffic spend 20 minutes adding their links to your site or Outdoor category and you could easily hit that $1000 threshold this month, and earn and extra $100 bonus on top of your commission.

Let me know if I can help you get started with these guys. There is more info about this bonus opp on our blog:

$100 Cash Bonus Opp from OutdoorCooking

Gary M