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    See If You're On This Site - Rotten Neighbor

    Some of it crazy, some pretty funny.

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    Apparently there is a crazy woman roaming the streets at night, but I haven't seen her and a church that plays its music too loud (never heard it though) and somebody named Big Al that smells like an ashtray and is lazy (never had the pleasure...)

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    I type in my zip code and get the wrong state. Technology is so wonderful.

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    I typed in my zip code and got an alert about someone named Billy Kay being within 10 miles and to RUN away fast....
    Deborah Carney

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    I got the same and live 200 miles away from you, damn!

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    I guess they need to work out some kinks. I live in Tampa Bay and my results map went to Miami. Also,when I adjusted the map I got

    These people are nuts! They fire cannons off all day on Sundays during the fall, there's yelling and screaming too... and they make parking in the area impossible!
    They were talking about Raymond James Stadium (Stadium for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

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