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    New CD's - What's Your Current Favorite/Recommendation?
    Picked up the new Kid Rock cd Tuesday and it is pretty darn good.

    He mixed it up and leaned more towards the Bob Seger, Bad Company style with a little twist of his own and it turned out pretty darn good.

    The first three songs, Rock N Roll Jesus, Amen and All Sumer Long are really good. A couple in the middle are classic Kid Rock style (raunchy rock), there is also some blues, honkey tonk, etc.

    I REALLY like All Summer Long. Makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it!

    Another one I heard recently is a new artist Clay Underwood. Pure country, but darn good! Factory Life, Talking to a Stone and Alabama Gator Oil are my favorites on that one.

    So, what new/newer CD's have you picked up recently that you would recommend?
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    Anything put out by Iron & Wine ( I don't think they've cut a new album in awhile, but there aren't very well known.

    They're a great low-key band (acoustic guitar and soft tones). Their lyrics are amazing IMHO.
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    The soundtrack from the film "Across The Universe" rocks. Lots of old Beatles tunes, with great new artists.

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