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    Black Forest Decor, etc., datafeed problems anyone?
    Anyone else here use the Black Forest Decor and/or Lone Star Western Decor and/or Aspen Lighting datafeeds?

    Anybody besides me having trouble with them?

    I noticed the images, neither thumbnails nor bigimages, were not loading today when I looked at my main site. I sent a message via the SAS "Contact Merchant" form to the affiliate manager, but I haven't heard back yet.

    I use some PHP scripts to call the datafeeds from tables on the MySQL servers. I also have some PopShops displays from two the datafeeds, and those PopShops displays are sort of hit-and-miss showing some of the products.

    Anybody else having image display problems related to those merchants?
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    Black Forest Decor's product images just loaded fine for my data feed site.

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