Anybody know if eDressMe and eDressMePROM both track under the edressme program? I had emailed asking about it but never got a reply back. Am giving them the benefit of doubt that maybe they never got it or figure I'll try you guys and see if I do any better??

If you go to the site on the left under their navigation are a bunch of categories, one of which are the prom dresses. If you click the first, which is cheap prom dresses it goes to a page with them. If you click the second it goes to a page with that designer's dresses but also says near the top of the page in different color text: For all prom dresses visit If you click takes you to

Some of the other options under prom dresses don't mention the edressmeprom site and others do but are in regular text.

If you go to the last option under the Prom dresses category on the home page of eDressMe it says: More prom dresses and if you click that it takes you to the site.

If both of the sites track, ok, that's good but if they don't would like to know that cos then it's not ok