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    Uploading Folders
    Not having much success uploading the "template" folder to my server. I can upload files to my hearts content, but not entire folders. I've downloaded several free FTP softwares, but no go.

    I've even tried my isp's (earthlink) control center tools, but they don't support this upload folder option either.

    Am I missing something here?


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    The FTP program CuteFTP can upload folders (other programs can do it too; this FTP progam is the one that I use).

    If your FTP program supports uploading of a directory (as if it were a single object), then on the server side go into the directory where you want to upload into, then on the local side select the icon of the directory that you want to upload (don't go into the directory, just select it's icon) and click your FTP program's "upload" button. The FTP program should upload the directory to the server. On the remote side, you should end up with an icon of the directory that you just uploaded. Some FTP programs support drag-and-drop of directories; try dragging-and-dropping the directory's icon on the local side to the server side.

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