Would it be possible for LS or the merchant to let us know what changed without reading 10 pages of contract??

Every time something would to change in the base offer,or commissionable SKU, we would get an email but seeing that we promote more than ONE merchant, we have to look up each and every merchant contract when there is a change? We would need a FT person doing that alone.

Only a few prog managers informed us of a change in their prog but most of them left or close down their prog.

It's just frustrating not having an easy way to find out what changed every other day for merchants.

Case and
I get three emails from this merchant with a change in commissionable SKU in 12 hrs. Do I have to check the second and 3rd time to see if they moved me to a ZERO commission??


We would like to inform you that [MERCHANT.NAME] has updated the commissionable SKU
list for their program 5.70.

Directions to view the SKU list for a particular program:
1. Log in to your account with your Username and Password at
2. Click on the Your Account tab at the top of your control panel.
3. In the Program Controls section, select DirectDegree.com in the drop-down menu.
4. Click on the Offer 5.70
5. In the Offers page click on the link for selected goods.

Merchants who have provided a SKU list for their program will usually update
their SKU lists because of changes in their inventory. The SKU list that
DirectDegree.com provides to LinkShare allows us to calculate the appropriate
commissions for the products sold as a result of a link from your Web site If
you have a question on which products have been changed, we recommend that you
contact the merchant directly for further clarification.

If you encounter any problems, or have any questions or concerns, please
feel free to visit our Help by clicking here
(http://ssl.linksynergy.com/php-bin/a...p_f/index.html), or click
here (http://www.linkshare.com/contactus/contactus.html) to email LinkShare.
Thank you for your participation in The LinkShare
Network(tm), and we look forward to a rewarding partnership with you!

Best regards,
The LinkShare Team http://www.linkshare.com