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    Holiday banners
    Hi all,

    This is related to the too many banner posts but I think different enough to be worthy of its own thread. I am trying to plan the remainder of my year (and get a feel for next year.)

    Just the other day I thought to myself "By golly, we should really have some Halloween graphics!" Thankfully I read the what affiliates hate thread and realized I had missed that boat. So now I am thinking ahead. So, what I am wondering is... what holidays are banner worthy throughout the year? And how long in advance should those banners be created and circulated?

    My assumption on holidays are:

    New Years (or is that too close to Xmas?)
    Valentine's Day
    Mother's Day
    Father's Day
    Forth of July
    Labor Day
    Thanksgiving (or do we just skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Xmas/Hanukkah?)

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    it depends on your business, but here are some others to consider

    back to school

    the most important thing is to be ready early. you are right, its too late for halloween,

    holiday banners should be ready before the end of october.

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