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    Smile Tracking with multiple CJ Ids
    I am trying to build out a few different stores using pop-shops. I have set up profiles for each site in CJ (i.e.,, etc) however i cant seem to figure out a way to implement affiliate IDs on a merchant level in Pop-shops. I want to understand what sales look like on a site level. I thought that the IDs set in the 'account' section were the defaults and that by clicking on a specific merchant and changing the ID it trumped the default on that store; however that doesnt seem to be the case.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    To add multiple PIDs to your Enterprise PopShops account, you would go to the "Pop it In" tab and click Profiles.

    Then you can add and name all of your PIDs to your account.

    In addition you can add shop-level sub IDs (tracking) in Enterprise accounts.


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