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    4-tier page; only single entries in some index pages

    I'm a beginner in using WebMerge and probably my error is easily recognized by experienced users.
    I intend to build a 4-tier pages with the following hierachy:
    Country - Region - City - Company
    There should be an index page which lists all countries, each country-link should point to another index-page with all regions of that country, etc. and finally an individual city detail page should appear.

    The Problem:
    The country-index page and the detail page work as expected, e.g. the country-index contains links for all individual countries, but the region-index pages contain only one Region-link, and the city-index pages contain only one city-link.

    I have no idea what goes wrong here. To easily reproduce the problem I have attached all files in one small (5 kb) zip-archive which contains 3 template-files, 1 data-file, 3 WM-settings-files. All files are example files programmed as simple as possible to easily identify any problems.

    Maybe somebody can have a short look at it and find the error.

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    You might want to take a look at the note about sorting in the WebMerge Help page about the Sources Tab. The symptom you describe sounds a lot like what can happen when the data isn't sorted.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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    October 4th, 2007
    Hi Ridchard,

    I checked the sorting of the data in the data-file, which looks as follwos:

    Country Region City Company
    Country-1 Region-1 City-1 Company-1
    Country-1 Region-1 City-1 Company-2
    Country-1 Region-1 City-2 Company-3
    Country-1 Region-1 City-2 Company-4
    Country-1 Region-2 City-3 Company-5
    Country-1 Region-2 City-3 Company-6
    Country-1 Region-2 City-4 Company-7
    Country-1 Region-2 City-4 Company-8
    Country-2 Region-3 City-5 Company-9
    Country-2 Region-3 City-5 Company-10
    Country-2 Region-3 City-6 Company-11
    Country-2 Region-3 City-6 Company-12
    Country-2 Region-4 City-7 Company-13
    Country-2 Region-4 City-7 Company-14
    Country-2 Region-4 City-8 Company-15
    Country-2 Region-4 City-8 Company-16

    I also had a look at Frank's WebMerge tutorial in which he describes, to sort all data fields used in the index and data files and in which he advises to not have duplicates within subcategory filed across different categories. Also this is, according to my judgement, OK in my data-file.

    So I cannot find an error in the data-file I use.

    Any advice, what to do?

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    October 4th, 2007
    4-tier problem solved

    finally I managed to solve myself the problem I posted here about 1 week ago. I had big problems to get a 4-tier page running. I used just very, very simple example files, which I created myself and it still took me for ever to figure out the problem.

    Here is the solution:
    - First of all my problem required a 5-tier page, not a 4-tier page.
    - The second problem was, that I did not back-connect the detail-pages of the first WM-settings-file correctly to the index-files of the second WM-settings-file and so on. This was a basic misunderstanding of the WM principly by myself.

    I looked several times at the WM-example files provided in Frank's tutorial, but I got confused by the complexity of the file names, the data feed file contents, and also by the html-code of each file. So I tried to write very easy html-files and tried to use self-explaining file names and used a very easy example-data-feed. Maybe my example files are useful to other WM-beginners. To test them in WM just extract the zip-file and open the WM-settings file "1-country+region.4ww" and generate the complete example 5-tier webpage. For some reason after generating the 5-tier webpage directly clicking the "Preview in Browser ..." button in WM does not work. Instead you have to doule click the "index-country.html" file generated by WM. I do not know why "Preview in Browser..." does not work. Maybe Richard knows.
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