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    An "application server" question
    I just downloaded XML Export for Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3.

    It says I need an application server. Does my Host count as an application server? I think I have PHP 5. Will I be able to use the XML Export once I read the directions? Thanks
    I was just reading the requirements and started to worry that I might not have all that is necessary (but I think I do -- I hope so).
    I would be learning XML in conjunction with PHP. I don't know how to use Cold Fusion or ASP.

    Is there anything I should look for on my host? Thanks.

    I have a local Win XP machine.

    I downloaded XML Export with the expectation of creating content and then being able to export it to my server.

    To use the XML Export extension, the following software must be installed and properly configured:
    • Dreamweaver CS3 --> I have this
    • Extension Manager CS3 --> I have this
    • One of the following web servers: Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.1 (Windows XP Professional) or 6.0 --> Is this a reference to my Host? I hope so
    (Windows 2003), Apache 1.3.x or 2.0, or the built-in web server in ColdFusion® 6.0 or later
    • One of the following application servers: PHP 4.4.0 or later, ColdFusion 6.0 or later, ASP 5.5 or later I'm pretty sure my Host gives me PHP 5
    • If using PHP , the mbstring library must installed and enabled. This library handles multibyte encodings in PHP. How do I check on the multibyte encodings in the mbstring library?
    • If using ColdFusion, make sure the CreateObject function is enabled. You can enable and disable this function
    using the ColdFusion Administrator. In ColdFusion MX7, for example, open the Sandbox Security page, click the
    Edit icon next to your application’s server directory (ColdFusion security must be enabled to see it), and click the
    CF Functions tab.
    Any guidance would be appreciated. Are there any online tutorials that might help me learn this? Thanks.
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    "Application Server" is a generic term. As long as it meets your product requirements you are good to go.

    "web server" - You probably have apache. You are good there.

    What are you going to do with this ? It looks like you can export the content part of your websites as XML. But then what ? Elaborate!
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    Like Patrick stated, if you have more details on what exactly you're trying to achieve, we may be able to assist in greater detail. One main thing, is whether the software all needs to be on the same machine as your application server - if so, then this option might be out for you, as IIS 5+, PHP, etc all will need to be installed on your machine, not the host, and may put a stopper to what you're trying to do.

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