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    Seeking new ideas on an old theme ...
    Hi Everyone,

    What a great forum, I just signed up the other day, looks like I'll be here a while.

    I've had some sites in the past with varying degrees of success. A Wicca site, herbal shop, poetry site, and a few others. A bout of poor health got me out of circulation but now I'm back (sort of) and want to start up again.

    My situation: creative, not afraid of fringe, website literate, shoestring budget.

    Of the Big 3: Products (i.e. buffalo knives), Services (i.e web design), and Concepts (i.e. 'buy a star', self help etc) I think I want to lean toward concepts. Better chance there to be on a cutting edge, more liberty of conceptual approach etc.

    My problem (the old theme referenced in the title), is what works these days on a shoestring budget to draw traffic to a web site? Or more specifically, what works for you?

    I've tried Google ad words, PPCs etc with some success. The problem with those of course is they become prohibitively expensive as the product or whatever becomes more main stream. For example, ad words for 'nematode life cycle' charts are pretty cheap, not a lot of bidding going on there. Try something like 'mortgage', or 'health' etc and it's how much!?

    Banner exchanges seem to work well too but there's a catch-22. A high traffic site wants your site to have high traffic too before they'll allow a banner or link exchange. But to get the traffic you need the banner exchange...

    For certain kinds of software that 'hides your tracks' etc and pay good commisions I've had sites that have had varying degrees of porn and gambling etc. Although that generates phenomenal traffic for obvious reasons I'd like to stay away from that. The traffic's not quality, the hassles outweigh the benefits, and it's not something you can show your mom lol.

    Traffic, traffic, traffic. In this endeavor it seems to be what 'location' is to real estate. So I'd like to banter around what's worked for you personally. What kind of product, service, or concept you've engaged in; where it's worked etc.

    What about buying traffic? Anyone know anything about that? Any good companies around? Is the traffic any good? Is it affordable?

    Thanks a lot, any feedback would be appreciated.

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    How good is your website content?

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    This is a really good question and I would guess the answer depends on the person and what they are trying to do.

    There is more than one way to handle internet marketing; and they way you choose will determine which method would work best.

    For example if you are promoting pay per lead offers then pay per click would work very well. But if you have a mall site you probably want to try other methods first.

    See you either have to spend time or money. If you don't have the money then you need to spend your time....

    By the way, people still do banner exchanges?? That's so 1998.

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